About Karutan

Hello, World!
I’m Karutan!


”Karutan for Karuta players,” a character of the playing cards of competitive karuta, will contribute to the world of karuta with karuta lovers!

History of Karutan

◼️March, 2023
Opened new website (this site)!
Opened author account (@karutan_inside) on Twitter.

◼️February 2023
Provided original goods as a supplementary prize for the 4th Chihayafuru-Ogurayama Cup.

◼️January 2023
Provided original ballpoint pens in “Naniwazuni Cup” held in Tokyo.

◼️August 2010
Sponsored the program for the National High School Karuta Championship.

◼️April 2022
Provided original goods as a supplementary prize for the 3rd Chihayafuru-Ogurayama Cup.

◼️March, 2022
Provided original goods for online student festival project “Zennonsai x Karuta Club.”

◼️January 2022
Sponsored for the Meijin-queen-sen panel.

◼️November 2021
Official website (old one) was opened!

Started 4coma-manga “Karutan Mukashibanashi.”

◼️September 2021
Provided illustrations to Youtube channel “Karuta Club.”

Started “Karuta 4-coma!”
Opened Instagram account at the same time.

◼️May 2020
Sticker 4 released.
Started activities as “Karutan for Karuta players” at the same time as opening Twitter
Decided the character name as “Karutan”.

◼️December 2016
Sticker 3 release

◼️July 2016
Sticker 2 release

◼️February 2016
Line Sticker Release